Since the 1940's, Aitken has been a manufacturer of dependable equipment designed for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical and pipeline industries. During those years, Aitken's customer base has grown to include most major users throughout the United States and many foreign countries. This growth is a result of a total commitment to service and quality manufacturing.

You will find experienced sales people with good product knowledge who understand your buying requirements and an expert engineering staff to help with design problems. Modern manufacturing methods and facilities together with dedicated customer service and support have made Aitken a prime supplier of many products below.

  1. Strainers - Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers, Tee Type Strainers, Vertical and Horizontal Permanent Line Strainers, and Fabricated Duplex Strainers
  2. Measurement Equipment - Orifice Meter Tubes, Orifice Plates, Orifice Flanges, Flow Nozzles, Calibration Rings, Venturi Tubes, and Straightening Vanes
  3. Major Products - Spectacle Blinds, Paddle Blinds, Drip Rings, Bleed Rings, and Test Inserts, Sample Coolers, ASME Vessels, Launchers and Catchers, and Pipe Spools

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